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Last updated: 10/09/2012

Disclaimer: The Port of Townsville takes no responsibilty for the accuracy or security of information accessed by external links and users do so at their own discretion. All email addresses published on this page are protected against spam bots. Links can, and may expire over time and all information is correct at the time of publication. Please contact if you feel any information is in error.

Australia Bunkering Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +612 8270 7300
Website: http://www.ausbunk.com
Company Profile:

Australia Bunkering Pty Ltd is a leading provider of marine fuels and lubricants servicing a network of 2,500 ports around the world.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
Phone: +617 4722 3700
Website: http://www.customs.gov.au
Company Profile:

Customs manages the security and integrity of Australia's borders. It works closely with other government and international agencies, in particular the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, and the Department of Defence, to detect and deter unlawful movement of goods and people across the border.

The agency is a national organisation employing over 4,800 people in Australia and overseas, with its Central Office in Canberra. It has a fleet of ocean-going patrol vessels and contracts two aerial surveillance providers for civil maritime surveillance and response.

Protecting the Australian community through the interception of illegal drugs and firearms is a high priority and sophisticated techniques are used to target high-risk aircraft, vessels, cargo, postal items and travellers. This includes intelligence analysis, computer-based analysis, detector dogs, and various other technologies.

Australian Meat Holdings
Phone: +617 4720 8000
Website: http://www.amh.com.au
Company Profile:

Townsville is AMH's second largest processing facility. The plant sources cattle from the Northern Territory and Northern and Central Queensland. Its’ meat products are exported through the Port of Townsville.

Australian Molasses Trading Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +617 3364 1678
Website: http://www.ausmolasses.com.au
Company Profile:

Australian Molasses Trading was formed in 1993 to export all bulk molasses that is excess to the requirements of the Australian domestic market. Molasses is an agricultural by-product of sugar milling and is used in the stockfeed and fermentation industries. Annual export sales are made to customers in USA, Asia/Far East, New Zealand, and the EU.

Under an agreement, CSR Limited provides management services, co-ordinates the export of molasses on behalf of AMT, and is responsible to a Board of Directors.

The molasses terminal in Townsville is operated for CSR Molasses by Queensland Sugar Ltd. The Townsville terminal can store up to 60,000 tonnes of molasses.

Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS)
Phone: +617 4789 7888
Website: http://www.aqis.gov.au
Company Profile:

AQIS is Australia's first line of defence, protecting our unique environment against exotic pests and diseases. It inspects incoming luggage, cargo, mail, animals and plants and their products, and provide inspection and certification for a range of exports.

AQIS is part of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry.

Quarantine controls at Australia’s borders minimise the risk of exotic pests and diseases to protect Australia’s agriculture industries and environment.

BHP Billiton
Phone: +617 4769 2255
Website: http://cannington.bhpbilliton.com
Company Profile:

BHP Billiton’s Cannington mine is the world's largest single mine producer of both silver and lead. Cannington is located 200 kilometres southeast of Mount Isa. BHP Billiton export lead and zinc concentrates through the Port of Townsville to Korea, Europe, and Japan. The first concentrates were exported through the Port of Townsville in January 1998.

BP Australia
Phone: +617 4721 1588
Fax: +617 4772 2397
Website: http://www.bp.com.au
Company Profile:

BP Australia imports fuel for the North Queensland region through the Port of Townsville.

Caltex Australia Petroleum
Phone: +617 4771 4071
Website: http://www.caltex.com.au
Company Profile:

Caltex operate a joint venture bitumen terminal at the Port of Townsville with Shell Australia. Fuel is also imported through the Port and then distributed to the North Queensland region.

Carpentaria International
Phone: +617 4778 3266
Company Profile: A division of Toll North Pty. Ltd.

Cement Australia
Phone: +617 4727 1620
Website: http://www.cemaust.com.au
Company Profile:

Cement Australia, combining Australian Cement and Queensland Cement, is the new name for Australia's leading supplier of cement and related products and services. The Port of Townsville operation is a distribution terminal for cement, ash, and packaged products.

Cement is imported from Gladstone in a powdered form and is pumped through a blue pipeline from Berth 4 to the 30,000 tonne capacity cement storage silo. The silo stands 60 metre high and is 30 metres in diameter. It still remains Townsville's tallest structure.

As well as the main cement storage silo, there are cement blending facilities in the smaller green silos, automatic bulk rail and road despatch facilities, along with automatic bagging, palletising, and a shrink wrap machine.

To move bulk cement out of the silos to customers throughout North Queensland, Cement Australia utilises its fleet of rail and road equipment. Cement can be loaded by road and rail tankers simultaneously using sophisticated computer controlled systems. The facilities incorporate the latest technology in the receival, despatching, and bagging facilities.

With road transport, these trucks can load themselves 24 hours a day via an automatic despatch system. Trucks can complete loading 25 tonnes of product in as little as eight minutes.

Phone: +617 4779 0699
Website: http://www.scottcorp.com.au
Company Profile:

The Chemtrans division of Scott Corporation Ltd. is a specialised transport operator offering transportation by road, rail, and sea. Its’ activities cover a broad range of bulk chemicals, liquids, and explosives haulage.

Curtain Bros.
Phone: +617 4750 6222
Website: http://www.curtainbros.com.au
Company Profile:

Since 1967 Curtain Bros. has been operating as a major civil construction company offering an array of engineering and transport expertise to the resource and construction industries.

The company commenced operations in Papua New Guinea and now has it’s headquarters in the Port of Townsville. It’s operations are supported by company-owned and operated vessels and aircraft.

The company’s main areas of speciality include:
  • design, construction, and civil engineering;
  • mining,
  • shipping, marine, and logistic support services.

Empire Logistics
Phone: 0419 497 355
Website: http://www.empirelogistics.com.au
Company Profile:

Empire Logistics Pty Ltd speacializes in ship Agency support and provisioning to Military Vessels both foreign and domestic. Empire Logistics prides itself on the impecable service that they provide to there clients.

FCL Interstate Transport Services
Website: http://www.fcl.com.au
Company Profile:

Established in 1996, FCL Townville has a 40,000m² branch located next door to the railhead, close to the CBD (500m), and 1km from the wharf.

FCL offers local storage and distribution through its 6000m² warehouse with a 1200m² awning.

Townsville is a freight hub for north Queensland, forwarding to Cairns and Mount Isa for local distribution.

From Townsville, FCL currently transports:
• significant quantities of zinc ingots to Western Port Bay in Melbourne;
• inbound and outbound fertiliser from Brisbane;
• receives paper from Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane;
• receives steel from Brisbane.

FCL Townsville has a fully-equipped workshop, complete with a service pit and a container and truck wash area.

Gulf Agency Company Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +617 4721 0421
Website: http://www.gacworld.com
Company Profile:

GAC (Australia) Pty Ltd is part of the Gulf Agency Company global network providing ship’s agency services to all types of vessels.

Hai Win Shipping
Phone: +613 9322 4670
Website: http://www.haiwinshipping.com
Company Profile:

Shipping service. Hai Win has been operating the Qingdao/Shanghai - Darwin route and now servicing North China/Asia from Townsville - Shanghai/Qingdao including other North China/Asia ports via feeder services. Monthly schedules, details available from it’s website.

Harbourside Coldstores
Phone: +617 4721 2899
Website: http://www.harboursidecoldstores.com.au
Company Profile:

Harbourside Services is a refrigerated logistics company specialising in providing refrigerated logistic services to Northern Australia with particular emphasis on export.

This specialised service provides logistics to the fishing industry, meat industry, fruit and vegetable industry, dairy industry, and retail distribution.

The site has a 4,000 pallet storage capacity, is AQIS registered, has wharf unloading facilities, export registered fish add meat processing facilities, and export registered sharkfin drying facilities.

HMAS Cairns - Royal Australian Navy
Phone: +617 4050 3393
Website: http://www.navy.gov.au
Company Profile:

HMAS Cairns is responsible for making arrangements in the port for visiting US and Australian naval vessels. HMAS Cairns organises the berth, fuel, water, power, telephone lines, and waste removal.

Inchcape Shipping Services
Phone: +617 4724 2477
Website: http://www.iss-shipping.com
Company Profile:

Inchape provides agency services to the oil industry, the sugar industry and the motor vehicle industry. Inchape is probably the largest agent in the port of Townsville handling the majority of vessels through the port.

Incitec Pivot
Phone: +617 4721 6255
Website: http://www.incitecpivot.com.au
Company Profile:

Incitec Pivot plays a leading role in the manufacture and supply of fertiliser to farmers in Australia's eastern and southern states.

Incitec Pivot is a relatively new Australia-wide company, created by the merger of two of the powerhouse's of the Australian fertiliser industry in June 2003. However, its component enterprises have roots going back to the early part of last century when Australian superphosphate production was pioneered.

Incitec Pivot Southern Cross Operations
Phone: +617 4727 0001
Company Profile:

Incitec Pivot Southern Cross Operations is a fertiliser manufacturer and distributor based at Phosphate Hill in North West Queensland. The company makes about 1 million tonnes of phosphate-based fertilisers annually. Currently about 600,000 tonnes are sold in the domestic market and the remaining 400,000 tonnes are exported, predominately into South-East Asia. The operation also includes a sulphuric acid plant at Mount Isa and a storage and handling facility at the Port of Townsville.

Ammonium phosphate fertiliser is manufactured at Phosphate Hill, approximately 150 kilometres south of Mount Isa, from rock phosphate mined on site. The resource is estimated to contain 104 million tonnes of phosphate rock. Its’ close proximity to the surface allows for easy access using heavy earthmoving equipment in an open cut mining process. The $800 million chemical processing operation co-ordinates complex logistical and technological processes in Mount Isa, Phosphate Hill, and Townsville to produce ammonium phosphate fertiliser.

The Townsville Port facility receives and stores fertiliser by rail from Phosphate Hill and then dispatches it to local and export customers. The facility also receives and stores imported sulphur which is then railed to the company’s Mount Isa acid plant.

Maritime Safety Queensland & Marine Pilots
Phone: +617 4726 0700
Web: http://www.msq.qld.gov.au
Company Profile:

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) is a government agency attached to Queensland Transport. MSQ's role is to protect Queensland's waterways and the people who use them - providing safer, cleaner seas.

MSQ has responsibility for improving maritime safety for shipping and small craft through regulation and education, minimising vessel sourced waste and providing response to marine pollution, providing essential maritime services such as port pilots and aids to navigation, and encouraging and supporting innovation in the maritime industry.

McArthur Shipping & Agency Company Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +617 4721 1140
Website: http://www.mcaship.com.au
Company Profile:

McArthur Shipping & Agency is an independent ship agency. It has 13 offices throughout Australia.

In Townsville McArthur Shipping mainly looks after concentrates. Occasionally it handles project cargo (heavy vessel machinery and engineering equipment).

Mission To Seafarers
Phone: +617 4772 2774
Website: http://www.mts.org.au
Company Profile:

The Mission to Seafarers facility is located between berths 8 and 9 at the Port of Townsville. It offers services such as telephone cards, telephones/fax/e-mail, currency exchange, souvenirs, postal services, cable television, library/magazines, mini-bus service to and from the city, table tennis, pool table, darts, tours, counselling services, and religious services as requested.

Monson Agencies Australia Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +617 4771 5810
Website: http://www.monson.com.au
Company Profile:

Monson Agencies is an Australian-owned company specialising in providing shipping, cargo, and logistical services to vessel owners, vessel charterers, international commodity traders, shippers and producers of metals and minerals, and the off-shore oil and gas industry.

North Queensland Customs Services
Phone: +617 4772 2400
Website: http://www.nqcs.com.au
Company Profile:

Customs Brokers and international freight forwarders. The company also hires and sells shipping containers.

Northern Shipping & Stevedoring Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +617 4771 4111
Company Profile:

Northern Shipping and Stevedoring was formed in 1971 and has its headquarters in Townsville. The company services the ports of Townsville, Cairns, and Mackay.

NSS Operates and manages the largest container terminal at the Port of Townsville handling the majority of the container traffic through the Port.

NSS operates berths 2 and 3 in the Port of Townsville and operates on berths 4, 8, and 9 as common user facilities. Berth 2 is dedicated to the importation of Nickel ore while Berth 3 is the longest and deepest general, bulk and container berth at the Port.

The main customers for NSS include Queensland Nickel, Xstrata, Sun Metals, Southern Cross Fertilisers, Incitec Pivot, Swire Shipping, Kyowa Shipping, K Line, Australian Marshalling Services, and PAS.

In excess of 80 vessels a year are handled at the Berth 2 facility. This equates to approximately 200 days a year where there is a vessel alongside the wharf.

Lead bullion in the form of 4 tonne slabs, are received from road and rail transport on a daily basis and loaded onto the vessel by NSS.

Copper cathode bundles and zinc metal are also received by road transport on a daily basis. They are exported in two forms either break bulk or containerised depending on customer requirements.

Over 150,000 tonnes of zinc concentrate is imported through the Port of Townsville. The concentrate is sourced from domestic and overseas mines. It is discharged by NSS employees from vessels using a portainer crane and electro-hydraulic grab, dumped into a mobile shore-based hopper, and loaded to rail transport for removal to the refinery.

NSS provides a purpose built 55 tonne container crane handling and storage facility which is unmatched anywhere in Queensland outside the Port of Brisbane. Typical break-bulk cargo handled includes steel products, vehicles, logs, and earth moving equipment.

NSS handles almost five million tonnes of product each financial year - both imports and exports combined.

NQX Freight Systems
Phone: +617 3275 7141
Company Profile:

A division of Toll North Pty. Ltd.

Ocean Shipping
Phone: +617 4721 5568

Shipping agent.

Oceania Maritime Services Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +617 4772 4793
Website: http://www.oceaniamaritime.com.au
Company Profile:

Oceania Maritime Services (formerly Adsteam Agency) is a joint venture company between P&O Maritime Services (Beaufort Shipping Agency Company) and Adsteam Marine.

Oceania is a shipping agent acting on behalf of overseas shipping companies who do not have offices in Australia. Oceania is appointed to look after the interest of their ships and crew whilst in Australia.

Oceania’s services include arranging berths and associated services, arranging the pilots, tugs and the linesman, and ensuring the cargo is ready to load. It also provides assistance to the ship’s crew such as organising any repatriations back to their home and making the necessary arrangements for appointments (such as doctors/dentists).

Origin Energy
Phone: +617 4726 0400
Website: http://www.originenergy.com.au
Company Profile:

Origin Energy is a leading Australian energy provider. It provides gas and electricity to over two million Australian homes and businesses. It has been operating out of the Port of Townsville for 23 years.

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in February 2000, Origin Energy is a participant in most segments of the energy supply chain including natural gas and oil exploration and production, power generation, energy retailing, and network management services.

Gas is imported through the Port of Townsville for the North Queensland region.

Pacific Marine Group
Phone: +617 4724 2200
Website: http://www.pacificmarinegroup.com.au
Company Profile:

Pacific Marine Group is a marine contracting company based in the Port of Townsville. It aims to be recognised as the best provider of a range of commercial diving and marine contracting services in Queensland and the Pacific Rim.

The Group's services include: marine contracting, commercial diving, vessel fender and brow hire, building wharves and jetties, mooring installation and refurbishment, pile driving, towing and salvage activity, and much more.

Pacific Coast Engineering, Inc.
Phone: +617 4774 8477
Website: http://www.pcegroup.net

Patrick Logistics
Phone: +617 4724 1155
Website: http://www.patrick.com.au
Company Profile:

Patrick Logistics provides land-based logistic support services to shipping lines, freight forwarders, customs brokers, importers, and exporters.

Patrick Logistics Townsville Terminal is a 77G licensed customs depot including a bond store and is a Quarantine Approved Premises Class 1.1 with the only licensed quarantine wash bay facility in Townsville. The site comprises 1.7ha of container storage, a 4,000sqm fully bunded warehouse, a dangerous goods warehouse, and extensive additional storage and processing areas.

Services provided in Townsville include: cargo deconsolidation and container unpacking for imports and exports; Australian Quarantine Inspection Service bookings; quarantine cargo cleaning and washing; Customs under bond cargo receivals; secure indoor warehousing and storage; dangerous goods handling, storage and cartage; international customs broker on site; shipping container storage; surveys and repairs; bulk commodity handling and processing; and a full range of transport services including wharf/rail cartage, local and line haul deliveries with a weekly services to Cairns and Mackay.

As part of Patrick Corporation, Patrick Logistics are able to offer a network of services around Australia, including transport, warehousing, and distribution. Patrick is also a 50 per cent partner in Pacific National which operates rail services between Townsville, Cairns, and Brisbane with connections to all other national centres.

Patricks Stevedoring
Phone: +617 4721 3230
Company Profile:

Stevedoring company which operates mainly at No. 10 berth. The berth has an area of 2.6 hectares which can accommodate 400 containers, 18 of which may be connected to refrigeration power outlets.

Patrick is Australia's largest stevedore, with origins dating back to 1919. Its’ mission is to provide the most reliable, technologically advanced, and cost-effective stevedoring service in the market.

Patrick Port Services offers a range of land-based services to shipping lines, freight forwarding agents, customs brokers, importers, and exporters.

PB Towage (Australia) Pty Ltd
Phone: +614 5823 8339
Website: http://www.pbtowage.com

Pentarch Forests
Phone: +613 9682 8677
Website: http://www.pentarch.biz
Company Profile:

Logs are transported from Cardwell in North Queensland to the Port of Townsville where they are stored and then exported.

Phone: +617 3275 7141
Company Profile:

A division of Toll North Pty. Ltd.

Queensland Nickel
Phone: +617 4720 6200
Website: http://www.qni.com.au
Company Profile:

Queensland Nickel operates the Yabulu Refinery which is located 25 kilometres north-west of Townsville, in Queensland, Australia.

The Refinery processes nickel and cobalt-bearing laterite ores purchased from third party mines in New Caledonia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Queensland Nickel’s products are sold to customers who use them in the manufacture of stainless steel, speciality steels, alloys, and chemicals.

Queensland Nickel discharges between 3.6 and 3.9 million tonnes of nickel ore per annum through the Port of Townsville.

Queensland Rail (QR)
Phone: +617 4772 8257
Website: http://www.qr.com.au
Company Profile:

Queensland Rail provides a broad range of freight transport and logistics solutions to a wide range of customers in many industries. Each year the company rails over 10 million tonnes of freight in bulk. The commodities include grain, minerals, livestock, sugar, fuel, cement, and molasses.

All berths at the Port of Townsville are accessible to road transport, whilst berth 3 is serviced by railway lines integrated with the state railway system. The Port of Townsville is serviced by over 15 kilometres of rail.

Queensland Sugar Limited (Townsville Terminal)
Phone: +617 4789 7200
Website: http://www.queenslandsugar.com
Company Profile:

The Townsville Bulk Sugar Terminal is one of seven bulk sugar terminals in Queensland which are owned by Sugar Terminals Limited and operated and maintained by Queensland Sugar Limited. The terminal provides services to the sugar industry for the receival, storage, and shipping of raw sugar in bulk.

Raw sugar is manufactured as either Brand 1 or Brand JA. All Townsville sugar is manufactured by the four CSR Burdekin mills at Invicta, Pioneer, Kalamia, and Inkerman. All sugar is transported by Queensland Rail to the terminal.

Molasses is manufactured as a by-product which is used for stock feed and ethanol/alcohol production. It is transported by road and rail from the Burdekin and Herbert mills and exported by sea, rail, and road.

The first bulk sugar terminal was constructed in Mackay and commenced operation in 1957. The first shed was built in Townsville in 1959 and the second shed was built in 1964. The third shed was built in 2003 and all three have a combined storage of 770,000 tonnes.

The main customers for Queensland Sugar are Japan, USA, Malaysia, Middle East, Taiwan, Korea, and China.

With over 90 per cent of all sugar ships at the Port of Townsville are turned around in less than 24 hours, Queensland Sugar has exported in excess of one million tonnes per year since 1994. A record tonnage of almost 1.4 million tonnes was received in the 2003 season and a record shipment of 67,352 tonnes was loaded for Canada in October 2000.

Queensland Terminals
Phone: (07) 4771 2888
Website: http://www.coogee.com.au
Company Profile:

The Townsville tank terminal is a joint venture between Queensland Terminals Pty Ltd (50% owned by Coogee Chemicals) and Korean-owned Sun Metals Corporation.

In 1997, construction of a new tank more than trebled the terminal's capacity to 17,000 tonnes. This facility's primary role is to export Sulphuric Acid produced by Sun Metals' Zinc smelter but is capable of expansion for handling other products. Queensland Terminals has a long-term contract to manage the terminal operation and is also the principal marketer of Sun Metals' acid to north west Queensland customers.

The Queensland Terminal provides bulk liquid receival storage and despatch facilities for Class 8 bulk liquid dangerous cargoes.

Queensland Terminals lease land from the Authority. It stores sulphuric acid and imports and exports via sea, and distribute to the hinterland via road from the Port terminal.

Riverside Marine
Phone: +617 4721 5022
Website: www.riversidemarine.com.au
Company Profile:

Riverside Marine Townsville operates the Magnetic Island passenger and car ferry which provides frequent services between Townsville and Magnetic Island, and the Palm Island Barge Service which provides a regular freight service from Townsville to Palm and Orpheus Islands.

The company also manages research vessels on behalf of the Australian Institute of Marine Science. It provides a maintenance service and professional marine personnel to scientists carrying out research off the coast of Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, and Papua New Guinea.

Rosshaven Marine
Phone: +617 4772 6392
Website: http://www.rosshaven.com.au
Company Profile:

Rosshaven Marine began its operations in 1985, in response to call for tenders from the Townsville Port Authority.

Rosshaven Marine has grown to play an integral role as a major marine service facility in North Queensland. The Boatyard carries out repair work on vessels to 68 tonnes on 3 hectares of secure hardstand.

The slipway handles vessels up to 500t. Trades employed by the company include boilermaking, shipwright, fibreglass repair, abrasive blasting, and painting.

Its’ chandlery carries a comprehensive range of marine hardware and electronics and supplies both the trade and general public.

Seaway Agencies
Phone: +614 6760 8938
Website: http://www.seaway.com.au
Company Profile:

The Seaway Group is an Australian owned diversified Shipping and Transport company that includes but is not restricted to the following services:

  • Shipping Agency
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customs Clearance
  • Project Shipping and Logistics (Mining)
  • Road
  • Rail
  • 3PL / Storage and Warehousing

Shell Company of Australia
Phone: +617 4722 4600
Website: http://www.shell.com.au
Company Profile:

Shell has been operating in Townsville for 80 years and imports petroleum fuels. It exports and imports the product, but the majority is imported.

Shell Australia operates a joint venture bitumen terminal at the Port of Townsville with Caltex. Fuel is also imported through the Port and then distributed to the North Queensland region.

Phone: +617 4771 2185
Website: http://www.simsgroup.com
Company Profile:

A Simsmetal recycling facility is located in the Port of Townsville. Sims Recycling Solutions is the newly-created division of Sims Group responsible for the end-of-life product recycling of post consumer brown goods (TV's, radios and other electronics), computers, car tyres, and the recycling of refrigerators in an ozone friendly environment.

Whilst not all of its material is exported, it exports up to 7,000 tonne per quarter – the balance goes by road or container carrier.

Smorgon Steel Recyclers
Phone: +617 4762 7200
Website: http://www.smorgonsteel.com.au
Company Profile:

Metalcorp and Smorgon Metal Recycling merged in 2001 to become the largest collector of scrap metal in the country operating at 33 locations across Australia. It exports surplus high quality ferrous scrap and non-ferrous metals to Asia from the Port of Townsville.

Strang International P/l.
Phone: +617 4725 2077
Website: http://www.stxgroup.com.au
Company Profile:

The Strang-Tradex Group provides logistics, materials handling, freight forwarding, and stevedoring services. The company employs over 430 people across its operations in Australia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, and Mozambique. Its’ major clients include mining, metal processing, and primary production organisations.

Sun Metals Corporation
Phone: +617 4726 6666
Email: or
Website: http://www.sunmetals.com.au
Company Profile:

The Sun Metals Zinc Refinery was built by Sun Metals Corporation, the Australian subsidiary of Korea Zinc Company Limited which produces 10 per cent of the world's zinc from plants in Korea, the USA, and Australia.

The project, which cost around US$425 million to build, represents the largest single investment in Australia by a Korean company.

The refinery consumes more than 400,000 tonnes of zinc concentrates each year, sourced from North West Queensland and other zinc mining areas in Australia and overseas. These concentrates are converted into approximately 200,000 tonnes of value-added zinc metal, mainly for export. An important by-product is more than 360,000 tonnes of sulphuric acid which is mainly used in Queensland to produce high quality agricultural fertilisers.

Despite current low world zinc prices, the refinery generates more than $330 million in annual sales of which approximately 80 per cent is export income.

Approximately 30% of its output is sold to BlueScope Steel (originally the steel division of BHP Billiton).

Most of Sun Metals output of 99.995% pure zinc is exported to Europe, Asia and the US, where it is used in products ranging from rust-proofed steel and iron building materials to mineral supplements. A small amount is also used by the Xstrata-owned, Townsville copper refinery.

Phone: +617 4771 3855
Website: http://www.sunferries.com.au/
Company Profile:

Sunferries is a passenger ferry operator between Townsville and Magnetic Island and the Great Barrier Reef. The company also services Palm Island.

Svitzer (formerly Adsteam Australasia)
Phone: +617 4771 5246
Website: http://www.svitzer.com
Company Profile:

Svitzer provides tugs and linesmen services to vessels at the Port of Townsville. The tug berth is located at the end of Berth 8 and 9.

Swire Shipping
Phone: +617 4721 6108
Email: http://www.swireshipping.com
Company Profile:

Shipping agency and management service. Some of the trades through the Port of Townsville include New Guinea Pacific Line which services Papua New Guinea and Australia from South and North Asia and Southeast Asia from Australia, and the Crocodile Line which provides a fortnightly Singapore, Dili, Darwin service and a Surabaya, Dili shuttle.

Toll International/Toll North
Website: http://www.toll.com.au
Company Profile:

Toll is Australia’s largest transport and logistics provider.

Toll North operates multi-modal domestic and international distribution networks with a focus on Queensland and the Northern Territory and a resources industry focused logistics and supply chain management business. The Toll North brand names are NQX, QRX incorporating Toll Refrigerated, Toll International, and Toll Resources incorporating Toll Mining Services and Toll Energy. The division operates across a wide range of industries, freight profiles, and geographic and time-sensitive market segments.

In May 2005 Toll opened it’s Queensland Rail terminal, the culmination of eighteen months of planning, plus 12 months in construction, and a cost of approximately $20m.

Toll Seacargo
Phone: +617 4772 5222
Website: http://www.toll.com.au
Company Profile:

Freight forwarding and logistics company which is owned by Toll North Pty. Ltd.

Townsville Customs & Forwarding Services
Phone: +617 4771 5422
Company Profile:

Customs broker and freight forwarder.

Townsville Shipping Agencies Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +617 4772 0198
Company Profile:

Shipping agency located at the Port of Townsville.

Tropical Containers
Phone: +617 4721 4444
Fax: +617 4772 3121
Website: http://www.nqcs.com.au/tropicalcontainers.htm
Company Profile:

Shipping container Hire and Sales covering units from 10 to 40 foot

Phone: +617 4721 4341
Website: http://www.ussubsint.com/
Company Profile:

Shipping agent.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service
Phone: +617 4721 4955
Website: http://www.wilhelmsen.com/shipsservice

Phone: +617 4789 7303
Website: http://www.wiltrading.com
Company Profile:

Supply & Service of all off-shore marine safety equipment, liferafts. lifeboats, and fire service systems. Integrated export logistics provider as well as bulk and container cargo securing, plus import de-consolidation, warehousing and distribution. Container depot services including engineering. Wiltrading Pty Ltd is a Quality Managed ISO 9001:2000 company.

Phone: +617 4726 5600
Website: www.xstrata.com
Company Profile:

Xstrata exports zinc and copper concentrates from Berth 7 and lead ingots, containers, and copper cathode from Berth 3.

The company also handles product from other companies including Southern Cross Fertilisers, Osbourne, Mt. Gordon/Birla, Eloise, Thalanga, Kagara, and Ernest Henry mines.

Today, Xstrata Coppers' Mount Isa operation is one of the largest underground mines in the world. The enterprise underground copper mine, the most recent copper ore source at Mount Isa, is Australia's deepest mine, with an internal shaft that extends 1,800 metres below the surface.

Xstrata Copper operates the Mount Isa Mines underground copper mining and processing operations, the Ernest Henry open pit copper-gold mine, the Townsville copper refinery, Bowen coke works, and Townsville port facilities. Xstrata Zinc operates the underground zinc-lead-silver mining and processing operations in Mount Isa.

Xstrata Copper supplies copper concentrates and copper cathode to global and domestic customers.

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Updated: 01/07/2009
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Port Emergency Status
GREEN - Port is open
Green Updated:
04/02/11 12:49pm
what does this mean?

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